August 5, 2008

Running away or running to

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All ready to go; about the only things left to do are flip the breaker for the water heater (did you know they can explode?) and shut off the water. Preferably after my morning shower. I’m excited but have more mixed feelings about this trip than I ever have before. I think it’s because many of my previous big adventures have been as much about escaping my reality as they were about going somewhere else geographically. At the moment, I kinda like my reality (if it even qualifies as such, given how much time I spend in worlds of my own creation) so I’ll miss much of it. That’s probably a good sign, huh?

Thanks for all your comments!

It fits!

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This suitcase is magic! In fact, I might have room to take a few things I wasn’t going to. Still waffling on a suimsuit, but I’d better decide soon… off tomorrow! :-)

August 4, 2008

I’m packing…

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To prove I’ve managed to complete just about every chore before I leave town (the state, the country, reality as we know it…) — here’s my travel blog! Right now the stuff that will theoretically go in my bag is stacked on the floor next to the bag. I travel pretty light, but I think I’m going to have to eliminate some stuff anyway.

Next post likely from Norway! Or at least the airport.

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