August 15, 2008


Filed under: Tech Difficulties — sensel @ 12:48 am

Okay, I’m admitting defeat. I’ve got the camera down, at least, after some playing, so I’ll have some good pics after the fact. But I’ve realized that 1) there’s a bit of miscommunication between my camera and the little Linux photo manager on this Eee, so I keep having to hard shut down and only about every third photo saves correctly to the Eee. I should have tested that more thoroughly before I left, oh well. And 2) there’s another conflict between Firefox and the WordPress photo upload page that keeps hanging the site; it wasn’t just file size before. So rather than dink around with this, which I don’t want to do, and risk screwing up the Eee so I lose e-mail contact, I throw in the towel (unless I end up somewhere convenient to upload them on someone else’s machine from one of my flash drives). Sorry. :-/ I’ll try to hone my verbal descriptions so photos would be superfluous, ha ha!

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