August 10, 2008

Favorites so far

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Had a fun train ride today through the mountains and to a small town called Flam on the tip of the Sjognnefjord (probably spelled wrong). At first I thought Norway had nothing on WA for natural beauty – lots of small grain fields with “hedgerows” of evergreens – but then we came down a very steep railway into Flam, through lots of tunnels and waterfalls – very dramatic. Cute little town, too. Favorites so far:

– verdant sod roofs on houses

– viking ships at the viking ship museum. Beautiful lines. Odd to think that something so artistic became such a symbol of bloodletting and terror in the UK and Europe.

– salmon wasabi wrap “fast food”

– shopping for lunch food – mystery food! Ate what I thought was yogurt for breakfast, turned out to be rice pudding, I think. Tasty, but that first bite was a surprise! Was tempted to buy more grab-bag food, but didn’t want to make Allen go hungry if it turned out to be something blechy.

I’m very happy to be back in mountains and green, though I’m sure Allen would rather still be in the city! We’ve had clouds every day, rain most of today, but we were in the train so it was okay.  Hope it’ll be drier tomorrow, hope to go for a hike before hitting the boat.

I think I’ve got my camera worked out, will try (again) to post a photo or two when I’m back on wifi (internet cafe now, no way to plug in the photos). Cheers!

August 9, 2008

Trials and errors

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We’ve been having fun and my feet are tired — logged 11.5 mi on the pedometer yesterday. Had my first trial today though – managed to lose my debit card, apparently. (I would think it had been stolen but I can’t figure out why our hostel roommates would have taken that and NOT the cash that was with it in the one and only opportunity I can imagine they might have had, and it’s been literally on my body otherwise, so I’m guessing it was me, not them. Hadn’t even used the dang thing here! Anyway, no bad charges and it’s cancelled — which guarantees I’ll find it tomorrow, probably — and plan B (Thanks mom!) works, so we’re still in business and I can rack that up on my “things I’ve experienced” list.

Along with Norwegian rain, Norwegian ferries, and being crushed in “tour bus” groups. The viking ships in the museum across the water are pretty cool, though.

I’ll put up photos if/when my camera starts liking me better. I was trying to change the resolution so they wouldn’t be 2 mb files to upload, and all my photos started turning blue, and having weird bars in them, and… guess I shoulda brought the manual. Need to spend some time taking photos of my feet or something to figure it out better.

Gonna try to hit the piano bar tonight, since Allen’s too young for the blues club… and on the train tomorrow. Looking fwd to that. :-)

August 7, 2008

Iceburgs and Oslo

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Okay, here’s a real post before I disappear into the no-sleep-for-36-hours haze that has already consumed my nephew. (Kids, no stamina.) Saw icebergs from the airplane! Oslo is like a weird cross between NYC and Dublin with a little Carribbean thrown in in the yellow and orange plastered buildings. Much more ethnically diverse than I expected, and tiny, really, for a national capital. Our hostel has about as much charm as a cell block, but the price is right, because the hamburger I bought Allen for dinner cost almost $30 without fries. The food has hotel prices and our hotel has food prices. :-) Allen had a beer at 7:30 a.m. this morning because he could, and he keeps talking about picking up girls while ignoring the best opportunity of all; there are gazillions of cute girls here at the hostel, while he’s upstairs passed out. Maybe tomorrow! I hope to see the WW2 resistance museum and maybe the viking ship tomorrow, if I can drag Allen at any pace faster than a crawl; you’d never believe his legs are twice as long as mine, or maybe he trails me on the sidewalk b/c he wants to look single and available, ha ha! Anyway, I’m bushed but thanks again for all the comments; it’s great to read them after wandering around most of the evening by myself! Forgot my pedometer today or I’d have miles to rack up already. Tomorrow. ‘Til then!

August 6, 2008


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6:30 a.m. on Day 1 and NOW I’m excited! Here’s a shot of my boots “before.” I haven’t added it up, but I think I’ll be walking about 400-500 miles on this trip — and that’s just from one B&B to the next. Doesn’t count all the wandering. Yahoo!

The \"before\" boots

August 5, 2008

Running away or running to

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All ready to go; about the only things left to do are flip the breaker for the water heater (did you know they can explode?) and shut off the water. Preferably after my morning shower. I’m excited but have more mixed feelings about this trip than I ever have before. I think it’s because many of my previous big adventures have been as much about escaping my reality as they were about going somewhere else geographically. At the moment, I kinda like my reality (if it even qualifies as such, given how much time I spend in worlds of my own creation) so I’ll miss much of it. That’s probably a good sign, huh?

Thanks for all your comments!

It fits!

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This suitcase is magic! In fact, I might have room to take a few things I wasn’t going to. Still waffling on a suimsuit, but I’d better decide soon… off tomorrow! :-)

August 4, 2008

I’m packing…

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To prove I’ve managed to complete just about every chore before I leave town (the state, the country, reality as we know it…) — here’s my travel blog! Right now the stuff that will theoretically go in my bag is stacked on the floor next to the bag. I travel pretty light, but I think I’m going to have to eliminate some stuff anyway.

Next post likely from Norway! Or at least the airport.

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