August 9, 2008

Trials and errors

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We’ve been having fun and my feet are tired — logged 11.5 mi on the pedometer yesterday. Had my first trial today though – managed to lose my debit card, apparently. (I would think it had been stolen but I can’t figure out why our hostel roommates would have taken that and NOT the cash that was with it in the one and only opportunity I can imagine they might have had, and it’s been literally on my body otherwise, so I’m guessing it was me, not them. Hadn’t even used the dang thing here! Anyway, no bad charges and it’s cancelled — which guarantees I’ll find it tomorrow, probably — and plan B (Thanks mom!) works, so we’re still in business and I can rack that up on my “things I’ve experienced” list.

Along with Norwegian rain, Norwegian ferries, and being crushed in “tour bus” groups. The viking ships in the museum across the water are pretty cool, though.

I’ll put up photos if/when my camera starts liking me better. I was trying to change the resolution so they wouldn’t be 2 mb files to upload, and all my photos started turning blue, and having weird bars in them, and… guess I shoulda brought the manual. Need to spend some time taking photos of my feet or something to figure it out better.

Gonna try to hit the piano bar tonight, since Allen’s too young for the blues club… and on the train tomorrow. Looking fwd to that. :-)

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