September 27, 2008

Joni’s travel statistics

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Number of people who have asked me for directions in a language I barely understand: 10

(I KNOW I don’t look French, so I think that since I’m alone, they assume I must know where I am and where I’m going. Not a good assumption. I think two are less likely to be lost than one.)

General varieties of toilets encountered: 7 (counting the toolie bush, the kind where the attendant is expecting to be tipped, the “old” French kind that basically is a porcelain hole in the floor – although one of these had a flushing mechanism that I thought was going to suck ME down the drain — and the kind where the whole metal room is automatically hosed down afterward, which seems like sanitary overkill to me)

Modes of transportation (whole trip so far): 11, including bicycle, water taxi, and people-mover

Novel pages drafted: 145

Miles walked: Over 520. My boots are holding up great, if you don’t count the waterproofing. I actually started adding detours and extra jaunts to my walks on several of the easier days last week because 12 miles didn’t feel like enough and I’d gained enough confidence in my maps and the waymarking not to get lost. Rambling!

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