August 13, 2008

Bergen rocks

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Bergen was a treat! We got lucky with a wee bit of sunshine, and we wandered through the Bryggen, which is like the York Shambles in England only made out of wood, all dark alleys and crooked buildings and overhanging second stories dating back several hundred years to Bergen’s glory as a key German merchants’ trading port. Then we toured the tower, which was basically a small castle dating from the 1300s that had its roof and most of its top floor blown off in 1944 when a German munitions boat blew up in the harbor. Saw an old church or two, rode the funicular up the mountain – think trolleys on the steepest slope this side of the ski lift – and enjoyed the great view from the top with a great salmon-and-egg-salad sandwich. Throw in a buzz through the aquarium for me and a buying spree at the mall for Allen, and it was a great day!

If I were doing this again, I’d skip Oslo, or at least spend less time there, and come straight here. Bergen is WAY better. With maybe two more days here, I could take the bus to the abbey ruins and the botanical garden. But we had a brutal red-eye train ride instead. (Lesson learned; I probably won’t do that again. Like trying to sleep on a plane x 2, despite the ear plugs and eye mask they kindly provide.) More rain back here in Oslo on Weds; you’d never know it was August (or maybe this is as good as it gets here?) Wouldn’t mind more of the fjords, but I’m indeed ready to leave Oslo.

Back in a few e-moments to post photos (I think).

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