August 13, 2008

Talking back

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A few random answers (thanks for the comments/questions!)

Ray: If there is a Flim to go with the Flam, I haven’t seen it, but I’ll check the map (or perhaps the street performers here in Oslo, who are probably fully acquainted with both.) 😉

Mom: Allen is mostly keeping up with my mileage, although we’re not always covering the SAME mileage; we’ve been spending part of most days going our own ways. Keeping up until today, anyway, when I spent just about all day walking in the rain and he spent most of it reading (he bought a new Dan Brown book, as that Slash book doesn’t hold his interest more than 5 minutes — it’s the same one he had at Xmas.)

Kirsten: I DID eat that brown cheese (gertost or something like that?)! Tastes a little like Velveeta to me. And thanks for the tip on the aquarium, I did go there. They had basket stars, my favorite.

Several: It’s been comfortably cool every day, with showers most days and out-and-out rain on several. But we did have partly sunny yesterday, which was nice. I expected this weather in England later this fall, but not here and not yet!

Rae: The wrap I had was made of tortilla, basically; I think the lefse might be saved for dessert? Allen & I did try some freshly cooked in the demonstration at the folk museum, though — tasty.

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