August 15, 2008

Mom to the rescue?

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Well, I CAN e-mail photos and if she has time, my mom/marketing manager/administrative assitant will post a few. I’m in England now and having a harder time finding internet access, but if that works, will e-mail her more when I can for posting!

I’m in the Dales at Ilkley, with the moor towering over the stone houses and manors of the town – man, I love it here. People are much more friendly than in Norway — or perhaps I just have a weakness for being called “love,” and everyone says “good morning” and “lovely day, right?”. My room’s over a pub and I had a cider downstairs last night with an old fellow who I chatted away with about (of course) the weather, the train system in the UK vs. the US, Scotland’s rumblings for independence, and travel in general. Fun!

Pedometer: 70 miles, but I start the “real” walking tomorrow. It’s beautiful today, though not supposed to last. That’s okay, I’ll take even a day of blue sky and sun at this point!

Okay, gotta get out of the library and up on that moor. Having a harder time finding i-net access here, so the posts may be farther apart, but I’ll try. Cheerio!

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