August 21, 2008

Ilkley moor

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From Friday 8/15: I tramped all over Ilkley moor today and really enjoyed getting up among the purple heather (never seen it in bloom before) and the lanolin smell of the sheep (droppings). Checked out a tumble of rocks known as the Cow and Calf and came back down through a place called Hebron’s Ghyll. I’m not sure if a ghyll is the creek or the shady ravine it tumbles down through, but it was lovely and must have kept the bridge-builders busy for weeks, as the trail criss-crossed back and forth across the beck at least six times. I don’t know if it’s true that the Otherfolk have left this land, but their echoes still certainly sound in green, mossy hollows like this.

One thing I really love about England is the tangible sense that you’re just one thread in a long tapestry, and the picture on the┬árest of the tapestry is considerably more clear than the recent weaving that you’re involved in. Everything’s built of stone and feels eternal, and sturdy, and helps makes sure the humans are well integrated into the earth.

Also, the people are SO much more friendly here. Or maybe I just have a weakness for being called, “love.” Had a nice chat over a cider with an older fellow in the pub I’m staying in last night, and we discussed the lousy weather, trains, Scotland’s current rumblings for independence, and websites. Fun!

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