August 23, 2008

Fun around Keswick

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In Keswick for a couple of days, having taken the bus from Bowness. I’ve discovered that the key to enjoying tourist towns like this is to wander the streets as shops at 7 a.m. before anyone else is up. Can enjoy the shop windows and architecture and morning sun then without all the crowds! (I know, I am anti-social.) Have had a couple of great hikes here, yesterday to Catbells (up a steep ridge to a great view of the neon green dale on one side and Derwentwater (lake) on the other, with russet brown and moss green and grass green and heather purple fells towering around on all sides)… and today along past Castle Crag to Stonethwaite, where I’ve been before, but you can’t really get too much of stone cottages and green valleys and tumbling becks. Need to find a good hike for tomorrow. Cumulatirve mileage is in the 175 miles neighborhood; I’m sort of amazed that nothing really hurts (much, considering); I am a hiking machine at this point. Which is good, because my next week has some pretty hefty days. And some ferry rides! And the ocean, which is always a good thing.

My next Farwalker book, The Windmaster’s Apprentice, started unfurling in my head during my hike today and I don’t really want to write it, since the second one is not sold yet and thus the third may never be, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to help it. It’ll be great fun in the process, anyway, and I can have the consolation that if no. 2 doesn’t sell, I won’t have to do any revision on 3; I can just enjoy it taking shape. Right?

Cheers! I may be out of touch for a week or so, but we’ll see. Hope you’re all getting some sun! (And I’m dying to know if Sara E’s had her baby yet; somebody e-mail me when she does, will ya?)

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