August 24, 2008


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Spent hours last night and this morning before breakfast writing — man, there is nothing like being possessed by a story. (Some of you know, I know.)

I was asking myself a few days ago why I was doing this (not in a bad, “what the heck am I doing here?” way, just a “hmm, what’s with this wandering around England to nowhere in particular for no particular reason?” way), and I think it’s how I touch the Divine. And spend time doing nothing but appreciating. I’m pretty interested in monks, but I would have to be one of the peregrinato (peregrinata? I might have that suffix wrong either way), who just wandered wherever the spirit/Spirit took them.

And when I’m lucky, like now, I get touched back (in all senses of the word, including the “she’s a bit teched in the haid, ain’t she?” way). Six hours of nature walking and six hours of writing is basically nirvana for me.

You may never hear from me again…. :-)


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