September 1, 2008

The Lizard

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I will add, though, that as I was moving south-west toward England’s south-est point, known as The Lizard, I was thinking, “hmm, I’ll have to ask someone there why it’s called that, ’cause it’s sure not apparent from the map.” And then I turned a headland and there it was, plain as day. The headland and some of the rocks around it look as much like a lizard as any landmass I’ve ever known to look like what it’s supposed to look like. I took a photo but don’t think it’ll do justice, but The Lizard has a snout, a head, a very prominent eye, a curling body, all the legs it needs, a tail, even a flicking tongue. Kinda cool. Glad it wasn’t foggy the day I got there, as it was the next day, or I never would have known.

My favorite stretch here is The Lizard to Porthleven — the rockiest, barren-est stretch, with westerlies and hairy cows that I’m pretty sure are Highland cattle grazing what are almost moors — and Porthleven even has a cute little town band that plays weekly on the pier. How good are they, this combo of brass from grandpas on tubas to 8 year old boys who aren’t remotely on the beat but are playing percussion anyway? That’s not the point. :-) I haven’t been eating dinners, usually, but I had fish & chips (duh) and fudge cake with cornish clotted cream last night, and could barely move after, but boy, it was good.

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