September 1, 2008

Also, butterflies…

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All over the clifftops. White ones, yellow ones, orange and brown ones, black and orange ones, orange with spots, brown with spots, copper with spots, spotted with spots, spotted with dots. And tiny lavender blue ones that are hard to catch still, but so pretty. I got a pic in the Dales, too, of one called a peacock butterfly (a nice passing lady told me after asking why I was on my knees in the verge) and it’s gorgeous – rainbow colors. They all look nice on the many purple and blue and hot orange wildflowers — way more than I would have expected this time of year. Devil’s buttons are my favorite; kind of like mini bachelor buttons.

I’m off to breakfast. I like full English breakfast, especially the fried mushrooms, and what they call bacon but we’d call fried ham is pretty good, too. And I’ve been eating my grilled tomatoes whether I want to or not because I’m craving vegetables, which are an endangered species here. But if I don’t see a full English breakfast for a while, I’m good, because I’ve had, oh, about 25 in a row. Bring on the pain au chocolat!

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