September 7, 2008

Haunted wood by the sea

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I walked through a haunted wood yesterday. In the last month, I’ve been through plenty of small woods, but this one definitely had a sinister mood. Whatever hung out there wasn’t going to get ferocious with me as long as I went about my business and moved on quickly enough, but it was definitely watching with narrowed eyes and waiting rather impatiently to get back to whatever it was doing before I stepped in. I suppose in Brittany it could have been anything from lost Gauls to resistance fighters still grappling with dead Germans. Although, like Cornwall, there are several places near here that claim King Arthur provenance (to my surprise; I thought everyone agreed it was Wales/southwest England, but I suppose there’s some Briton/Breton logic there), so maybe it was Merlin’s wood.

Brittany is less like England than I expected in its architecture and landscape. Flatter, leafier, less stonework, feels newer (and I suppose most of the buildings are, since it’s been more blasted by relatively recent wars). I’ve got too much stuff as it is, but would like to identify some of the trees, etc. among the corn fields. And I’ve got to work out something different with the food; it’s already paid for, and very delicious, so I hate to turn down the 3-course dinner that comes with my room, but it just doesn’t work for me very well to eat so much so late at night, and I don’t like the fact that it takes two hours, either, since I’m pretty sure it would be considered gauche to read during it. If I slept all day, got up for dinner, and tried walking in the dark, I’d end up over a cliff (or mangled by the thing in the wood)… Maybe I can just have the dessert! 😉

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