August 7, 2008

Iceburgs and Oslo

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Okay, here’s a real post before I disappear into the no-sleep-for-36-hours haze that has already consumed my nephew. (Kids, no stamina.) Saw icebergs from the airplane! Oslo is like a weird cross between NYC and Dublin with a little Carribbean thrown in in the yellow and orange plastered buildings. Much more ethnically diverse than I expected, and tiny, really, for a national capital. Our hostel has about as much charm as a cell block, but the price is right, because the hamburger I bought Allen for dinner cost almost $30 without fries. The food has hotel prices and our hotel has food prices. :-) Allen had a beer at 7:30 a.m. this morning because he could, and he keeps talking about picking up girls while ignoring the best opportunity of all; there are gazillions of cute girls here at the hostel, while he’s upstairs passed out. Maybe tomorrow! I hope to see the WW2 resistance museum and maybe the viking ship tomorrow, if I can drag Allen at any pace faster than a crawl; you’d never believe his legs are twice as long as mine, or maybe he trails me on the sidewalk b/c he wants to look single and available, ha ha! Anyway, I’m bushed but thanks again for all the comments; it’s great to read them after wandering around most of the evening by myself! Forgot my pedometer today or I’d have miles to rack up already. Tomorrow. ‘Til then!

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