Salutations. Step right in! (Don’t mind the alligator.) Joni’s Imagination Zone is open for tours. You’ll find the doorways above; just click and snoop.

What’s that? Why do I write stories? I believe that if intuition is the sixth sense, then our imaginations are the seventh, tuned to the whisper of the Divine. Imagination is a way to glimpse realities and connect with truths beyond the reach of our senses — just as books are a way to experience adventures we’d never otherwise enjoy. For me, the I-Zone in my book Reality Leak is not make-believe, and I love to hang out there.

You can come, too! Wander around. Take care not to bang your sillybone on the door frame. (You need your sillybone, take care of it.) And thanks for finding me!


Now out the conclusion of Ariel's story!

When Ariel sets out to return a dead enemy's knife to its source, she meets a new friend with a smuggler's savvy and a talent for charming the wind. But she also lends strength to an evil that soon threatens the life of someone she loves. To save him, she must travel to a place where few dare to go. If she fails, neither she nor her most beloved friends will survive.

Under the eye of a sinister moon, Ariel discovers a baffling map. Determined to follow it, she embarks on a dangerous mission to discover the source of her telling dart before an ingenious trap set in the past can erase Ariel's future.

"Vivid world building and tight pacing mark this sequel, further distinguished by rich characters with believable relationships." Booklist

A 2009 Cybils Award finalist and a 2010 Bank Street College of Education "Best Book" now available in paperback

When 12-year-old Ariel stumbles on a mysterious dart in the woods, she's soon swept on a perilous journey with little more than a kidnapper and a ghost to guide her. Only by trusting her instincts can she solve a dangerous riddle from the past to reveal a legendary treasure — and a startling truth.

Kirkus called this book, "Absorbing," with "crisp dialogue, an exciting plot, and strong secondary characters."

A Junior Library Guild Selection

A would-be monk in a 10th century Celtic abbey teams up with an alluring young wood-witch to escape raiders and plumb the divinity of supernatural experiences, including love.

ALAN described this book as "compelling and powerfully written," while School Library Journal called it "a great read."

When 11-year-old Bryan starts to get mail through the toaster, he has to find — and fix — a crack in reality that has started to leak.

One reader called it "zany, crazy fun... a blast to read."