Photo by H. Berends Published by Henry Holt for readers of ages 9 and up

When 11-year-old Bryan starts to get mail through the toaster, he has to find — and fix! — a crack in reality that has started to leak.

This book is perfect for:

• Kids who love secret codes and mysterious messages
• Anyone who has ever taken a ride in a wooden crate
• Lovers of weeds (especially dandelions)
• Kids who live in small farm towns
• Anyone who believes they’re really a dog
• Lemonade-stand entrepreneurs
• Anyone afraid of the dentist

Ask for it at your favorite bookstore, or order autographed copies online from my local bookseller, Lindon Bookstore!

Illustration by Christian Slade

I adore factories and assembly lines and complicated Rube Goldberg machines. And I’ve always wanted to visit the Acme factory that supplied dynamite (and odder equipment) to Wile E. Coyote. Since I couldn’t find a real Acme factory to visit, I slid into the cartoon universe and brought it back here instead. You can visit it, too — just read the book!


Illustration by Christian SladeAbout the illustrator
Reality Leak includes more than a dozen black-and-white illustrations by illustrator Christian Slade. See his other work at

Wacky dandelion information
• Wet the bed? Blame a dandelion. Dandelions have diuretic properties, which means that if you eat them, they may send you to the bathroom more than usual. One English name for the plant is “pissabeds,” and the French people call it pissenlit, which translates to “pee in bed.”