I’m a writer, adventurer, and creativity advocate who leans hard on creativity’s painkilling power. Loss has taught me that creativity can add purpose and meaning to our lives. By offering resources, inspiration, and classes, I hope to help you, too, live a more mindful, more creative life. 

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My story

In the Sahara

I’ve come to the advocacy on the heels of a devastating loss. Floundering, I delved into my physical senses. Light, color, texture, sound, movement, and nature were the primary elements in my life that could (barely) hold my attention and even briefly dull the pain. I dabbled in everything from glass mosaics to hand drumming, from “conscious dance”  to long, self-punishing runs.

Everything helps. Nothing helps enough, which was why I keep bouncing from ink to yarn to rhythm and then into the woods. What they all have in common is creative flow—time spent out of myself and in touch with a larger cosmic energy. 

Eventually I realized that while no one thing is enough, my entire smorgasbord of creative pursuits dulls the pain and gives me reason to get through another day. I look forward to being lost in color or dissolving into the textures and rhythms of knitting.

I’ve long been a student of the imagination and the liminal. Now working with creativity as a painkiller gives me a purpose. 

Whatever your pain, I think the mystic creative connection can help.